Raw, Rotten Meat Eater – Aajonus Vonderplanitz

If you haven’t heard of Aajonus Vonderplanitz then it’s time you do.  He is a dietary guru to the extreme, eating a diet consisting of mostly raw, rotten meats.

Aajonus is a registered nutritionist, and takes his advice from human ancestors, eating what they called “High meat”.

If wild or grass-fed meat is the healthiest food a human can eat, and ‘rotten’ is another word for ‘fermented’ which is another word for ‘digested’, then what we have here (besides something that tastes horrible) is the healthiest food in the world, already digested for you, enabling your body to assimilate it with ease.

Having recovered from serious illnesses growing up, Aajonus’ dietary recommendations have proven to be effective and beneficial.

Whether or not eating as much raw and rotten meat as he does is the ideal diet for a human being is another story.

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