MarkMy name is Mark David.  When I was 12 years old, my mother was murdered by the cancer industry, all in the name of profit.  First they burnt her with radiation, then they poisoned her with chemotherapy.  As these treatments began, my family and I witnessed the enormous and rapid destruction of her health.

A world where cancer is given to people intentionally by poisoning their food, air, water, and hygiene products, so that money can be extracted from them through expensive and murderous ‘treatments’ like chemotherapy and radiation, is the world we are living in.  But that will soon come to an end.

The system has destroyed me, and from the ashes a new me has risen with inexorable purpose.  Enraged, infuriated, and with the memory of my mother in my heart, I will not rest until the entire medical industry and all current practices, have been permanently abandoned and annihilated.

Mom, my sister, and me on the bottom

Mom, my sister, and myself on the bottom

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