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Take LSD, Stay Out of Prison? Large Study Links Psychedelic Use to Reduced Recidivism

A study of more than 25,000 people under community corrections supervision suggests the use of psychedelic drugs like LSD can keep people out of prison. The research is the first in 40 years to examine whether drugs like LSD and “magic” mushrooms can help reform criminals. “Our results provide a notable exception to the robust positive link between substance use and criminal behavior,” the researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Johns Hopkins University School Read more [...]

Uruguay Government Launches Cannabis Cultivation Training Courses

Last December, Uruguay became the first country to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. Now, in an effort to curb black market trafficking, the country’s National Cannabis Federation has launched cultivation training courses for local citizens interested in learning how to grow their own. Taught by experienced growers, the courses will cover everything from initial seed germination to harvesting techniques and curing, as well as tips on how to prevent pests and provide proper fertilization. Read more [...]

Drug Education: Psilocybin Mushrooms

<Under construction> "What is it that society finds offensive about drug abuse, and what does that have to do with psychedellics? Well, my own analysis of this is that what is offensive about drug abuse is an unconscious, repetitious, and demonstrably destructive pattern of behavior.  And whenever you see someone behaving that way, everyone feels repulsed and brought down.  And, in fact, severe drug addictions are like this, but as a matter of record, this is what psychedelics make Read more [...]

Dolphins ‘Get High’ by Chewing Puffer Fish for their Mind-Altering Nerve Toxins

Dolphins are thought of as one of the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom – and experts believe they have put their ingenuity to use in the pursuit of getting “high”. In extraordinary scenes filmed for a new documentary, young dolphins were seen carefully manipulating a certain kind of puffer fish which, if provoked, releases a nerve toxin. Though large doses of the toxin can be deadly, in small amounts it is known to produce a narcotic effect, and the dolphins appeared to Read more [...]

Marijuana Cures this 6 Year Old Girl’s 300 Seizures a Week

Suffering from a rare form of epilepsy called dravet syndrome, Charlotte Figi has dealt with violent seizures since she was a newborn - as many as 300 seizures a week.  When more than a dozen pharmaceuticals failed, Charlotte's mother tried a last resort in 2012, and began using Cannabis Oil.  Charlotte, who had been unable to walk, or talk, or even eat, was now playing, and her seizures were down to just 1 or 2 a week.  "[Charlotte] is consistently eating and drinking on her own for the Read more [...]

New study: Magic Mushrooms Repair Brain Damage From Extreme Trauma

A new study by The University of South Florida has found that low doses of the active ingredient in magic mushrooms repairs brain damage caused by extreme trauma, offering renewed hope to millions of sufferers of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). The study confirms previous research by Imperial College London, that psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound present in "shrooms", stimulates new brain cell growth and erases frightening memories. Mice conditioned to fear electric shock when Read more [...]

Uruguay Will Sell Legal Marijuana For $1 Per Gram, Official Says

Uruguay's drug czar says the country plans to sell legal marijuana for $1 per gram. A law already passed in the lower house of Congress and expected to pass in the Senate later this year would make Uruguay the first country in the world to license and enforce rules for the production, distribution and sale of marijuana for adult consumers. The El Pais newspaper reported Sunday that drug chief Julio Calzada says marijuana sales should start in the second half of 2014 at a price of $1. He Read more [...]

7 Miraculous Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World

“I believe that mycelium is the neurological network of nature. Interlacing mosaics of mycelium infuse habitats with information-sharing membranes. These membranes are aware, react to change, and collectively have the long-term health of the host environment in mind. The mycelium stays in constant molecular communication with its environment, devising diverse enzymatic and chemical responses to complex challenges.” ― Paul Stamets, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World Perhaps Read more [...]