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Laundry Detergent Chemicals Absorbed Through Skin and Inhaled

Most laundry detergents are loaded with extremely toxic chemicals. Residues of these chemicals are left on your clothes and are absorbed by your skin and evaporated into the air where they are breathed in. Most would be surprised to find that even ‘Green’ labeled detergents contain toxic ingredients. _ Toxic Ingredients Found in Laundry Detergents: Research conducted by various environmental groups and Dr. Samuel Epstein identified some of the toxic synthetic compounds in laundry detergents: Pthalates Read more [...]

Study: Baby Pacifier’s Contain Toxic Metals Lead, Cadmium and Chromium

Many popular pacifiers, teethers, and nipples contain toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and chromium. Scientists report that metals like lead, cadmium and chromium, consumed even in small traces, are hazardous to health, particularly for infants and babies.  As the baby sucks the pacifier over a period of time, the toxic elements migrate out and are ingested into the baby's body. Previously, an organization called The Consumer Education and Research Centre (CERC) conducted tests on Read more [...]

Study: Flu Shots During Pregnancy Lead to 4,250 Percent Increase in Fetal Deaths

For years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has maintained that the combined influenza vaccine, which was first administered during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic flu season, is perfectly safe and actually encouraged for pregnant women. But a new study published in the journal Human and Environmental Toxicology (HET) reveals that, following the mass administration of the untested dual vaccine, which contains the mercury-based preservative Thimerosal, miscarriages and stillbirths Read more [...]

Shocking Statistics about the HPV Vaccine

"While females in this age group [under 30] have a near-zero risk of dying from cervical cancer, they are faced with a risk of dying and a permanently disabling condition from a vaccine that has not prevented a single case of cervical cancer to date." - Lucija Tomljenovicat, Ph. D. Shocking only because multi-million dollar pharmaceutical advertising campaigns have brainwashed the entire western-half of the planet, the Gardasil HPV Vaccine is not at all what you've been told. Not only are there Read more [...]

7 Ways to Cancer-Proof Your Home

When it comes to cancer, you probably want to do what you can to avoid it. But how do you do that when it seems like everything around you poses a cancer risk? Here are seven important steps to removing the most obvious cancer risks from your home. They include checking for and removing: radon, nonstick-coated pots and pans, makeup and personal care products with toxic ingredients, BPA-lined cans and bottles, cleaning products and air fresheners, toxic building materials, furnishings and household Read more [...]

Study: 97 Percent of Children Affected by 2009 Mumps Outbreak had been Vaccined Against Mumps

More evidence has emerged showing the complete failure of modern vaccines to provide any real protection against disease. A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) reveals that an astounding 97 percent of children affected by a mumps outbreak that swept the Northeast back in 2009 had already been vaccinated for the condition in accordance with recommended government guidelines. According to the study, 3,502 children of primarily Orthodox Jewish upbringing developed Read more [...]

The Dangers of Praise: How NOT to Talk to Your Kids

What do we make of a boy like Thomas? Thomas is a fifth-grader at the highly competitive P.S. 334, the Anderson School on West 84th. Slim as they get, Thomas recently had his long sandy-blond hair cut short to look like the new James Bond (he took a photo of Daniel Craig to the barber). Unlike Bond, he prefers a uniform of cargo pants and a T-shirt emblazoned with a photo of one of his heroes: Frank Zappa. Thomas hangs out with five friends from the Anderson School. They are “the smart kids.” Read more [...]

Top 12 Cancer Causing Products in the Average Home

Among many other cancer causing products commonly found in the home, this dirty dozen list has made it to the Hall of Shame. The Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC) and Ralph Nader have released a “Dirty Dozen” list of consumer products used in most American homes, and manufactured by giant U.S. corporations. The “Dirty Dozen” products contain a wide-range of carcinogenic and other toxic ingredients and contaminants to which most of us are exposed daily. COSMETICS AND PERSONAL CARE Read more [...]