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Perfect Match: Brazilian Kids Learn English by Video Chatting With Lonely Elderly Americans

It's such a fantastic and simple idea: Young Brazilians want to learn English. Elderly Americans living in retirement homes just want someone to talk to. Why not connect them? FCB Brazil did just that with its "Speaking Exchange" project for CNA language schools. As seen in the touching case study below, the young Brazilians and older Americans connect via Web chats, and they not only begin to share a language—they develop relationships that enrich both sides culturally and emotionally. The differences Read more [...]

Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

"Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” “When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old.” You may know Mark Twain for some of his very popular books like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He was a writer and also a humorist, satirist and lecturer. Twain is known for his many – and often funny – quotes.  Here are a few of my favourite tips from him. 1. Read more [...]

10 Steps to a Gold Star Handshake

A Fortune 500 CEO once said that when he had to choose between two candidates with similar qualifications, he gave the position to the candidate with the better handshake.  Extreme?  Perhaps, but management experts at the University of Iowa analyzing interactions in job interviews declared handshakes "more important than agreeableness, conscientiousness, or emotional stability."  Other studies determined that a handshake improves the quality of the interaction, producing a higher degree of intimacy Read more [...]

10 Amazing Underground Homes

With the population growing more and more each year, it was only a matter of time before people started building their homes underground like Hobbits from the Tolkien tale. Mankind started off living in caves, and now we realize that "earth homes" are actually a very eco-friendly way to live. These ten underground homes are so amazing they might make you want to set up camp underground too! 1. Cave House in Festus, Missouri This modern and energy-efficient 15,000-square-foot home is built within Read more [...]

Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

For years, therapists have understood the power of music. At nursing homes, hospices and hospitals, it’s not uncommon for specially-trained music therapists to ask a patient what songs they like and play them. The concept isn’t just about making a patient smile. Research shows that music is powerful medicine, with the ability to elevate mood, decrease anxiety, improve sleep quality and reduce pain. In short, it seems music can help heal some of what ails you. Social worker Dan Cohen is a Read more [...]

30 Dolphins Stranded on Shores then Saved!

It was just another day on the beach for holidaymakers off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when a pod of about 30 dolphins swam ashore on Monday. Beachgoers quickly came to the rescue, rushing into the sea and dragging the dolphins by their fins and tails into deeper water. The whole episode was captured by Gerd Traue in a video (above), which has racked up over a million views online. What can experts learn from the footage? The species involved, for one. These are common dolphins (Delphinus Read more [...]

Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling

When Erica Goldson graduated as valedictorian of Coxsackie-Athens High School, instead of using her graduation speech to celebrate the triumph of her victory, the school, and the teachers that made it happen, she de-constructed the logic of a valedictorian and the whole educational system. “Once you leave out all the bullshit they teach you in school, life gets really simple.” ― George Carlin Without need for editing or cutting, here's the speech in its entirety: Here I stand  There Read more [...]