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Man Builds Floating Tropical Island Paradise on 150,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles

Richart Sowa has built a tropical island from 150,000 recycled plastic bottles. To top it off he also built an off grid solar powered house on top of his island too, complete with composting toilet, and a rainwater collecting system. He has also added plants and a nice little garden. The plastic bottles are placed inside mech bags and lashed to repurposed pallets, then covered in sand and soil, and planted with mangrove trees. The mangrove’s root systems grow down through the mesh bags and Read more [...]

Isolated Indian Tribe Contacts World for the First Time

Brazil’s National Indian Foundation, or FUNAI released a video showing an isolated Indian tribe’s first contact with civilization in Acre, a state on the border with Peru, and how the Indians interact with a nearby indigenous community. The video (shown below) shows isolated native people wearing loincloths and carrying bows and arrows have emerged from the Amazon rainforest. The people shown in the video believed are from the Panoan linguistic group – as they speak their language Read more [...]

8 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know about Planet Earth

Despite science having made significant discoveries about our planet and the space around it, we do not know everything about it.  After so many years since the idea that the Earth is flat was abandoned, most of us probably believe that now we have all the necessary scientific knowledge about our planet. Well, check out the following statements: 1. The origin of the word «Earth» All other planets in our solar system are named after Greek and Roman gods, except our planet. The English word Read more [...]

13 Things to Remember When Life Gets Rough

We’ve all gone through hard times. And we all get through them. However, some get through them better than others. So what is their secret? Most of it has to do with attitude.  Here are 13 things to remember when life gets rough: 1. What is, is. Buddha’s famous saying tells us: “It is your resistance to ‘what is’ that causes your suffering.” Think about that for a minute. It means that our suffering only occurs when we resist how things are. If you can change something, then Read more [...]

Jews and Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies: Social Media Campaign Goes Viral

As the Israeli operation Protective Edge has so far claimed over 1,000 dead, users have been flooding the web with dozens of photos of Jews and Arabs together showcasing peace and love, under the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies. The campaign was launched by Abraham Gutman (Jewish) and Dania Darwish (Arab), both students at Hunter College in New York, immediately after the start of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza – and this week it gained momentum.   “For me, it is hard to watch Read more [...]

Three German Students Surprise a Homeless Guy In The Most Epic Way

How many times do we walk past homeless people ignoring them? However, these three German students did something amazing! They spotted a homeless man and asked if they can borrow his bucket. The homeless man agreed and the magic started. They made his day by helping him earn some money while they were playing music. Source Read more [...]

Over 200,000 People Apply to Become First Colonizers of Mars

The numbers are in, and in just six months a phenomenal 202,586 people have applied to join the very first Mars colony. Frequently dubbed a “suicide mission,” the $4 billion Mars One non-profit venture plans to send a team of four individuals on what may very well be a one way trip to the red planet. The U.S. formed the most enthusiastic applicant pool (24 percent), while other applicants came from another 139 countries. Mars One opened up online applications in April, 2013, and while over Read more [...]

Elephant Cries Tears Of Joy When Freed After Spending 50 Years Chained In Captivity

Raju the elephant had been chained in captivity for 50 years — his whole life — until wildlife experts, vets, police and 20 Forestry Commission officers set him free. While on the cusp of freedom, Raju became so happy that he cried. During a potentially dangerous night-time operation, rescuers saved Raju from a farm in India’s Uttar Pradesh region where Raju had been repeatedly abused and beaten by his owners.  After the rescuers freed Raju from captivity, tears poured down his face. Read more [...]

Perfect Match: Brazilian Kids Learn English by Video Chatting With Lonely Elderly Americans

It's such a fantastic and simple idea: Young Brazilians want to learn English. Elderly Americans living in retirement homes just want someone to talk to. Why not connect them? FCB Brazil did just that with its "Speaking Exchange" project for CNA language schools. As seen in the touching case study below, the young Brazilians and older Americans connect via Web chats, and they not only begin to share a language—they develop relationships that enrich both sides culturally and emotionally. The differences Read more [...]

Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life

"Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.” “When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old.” You may know Mark Twain for some of his very popular books like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He was a writer and also a humorist, satirist and lecturer. Twain is known for his many – and often funny – quotes.  Here are a few of my favourite tips from him. 1. Read more [...]