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2,000 Year-Old Shipwreck Discovered Containing Natural Medicines

Once upon a time, people used plants for healing and it wasn’t referred to as “alternative”.  Back then, “traditional” medicine referred to that which had been around the longest, which was healing based on the use of plants and nature. Now, things have changed and we occasionally need a reminder that nature has been providing medicine for millennia and can still be trusted to provide it today. One of those reminders came  just a couple years ago when archaeologists discovered a wooden Read more [...]

What the Mayan Elders are Saying about 2012

Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder, interviewed nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders to widen his scope of knowledge about the end of the Mayan Calendar. Carlos found out quickly there were several conflicting interpretations of Mayan hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, Sacred Books of ‘Chilam Balam’ and various ancient text. Carlos found some strong words for those who may have contributed to the confusion: Carlos Barrios: “Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions and make Read more [...]

Are Volcanoes Doorways to the Inner Earth? (Video Evidence)

Here at EndAllDisease, the world's greatest and most popular information source, we try to keep an open mind about everything.  If there's even a glimmer of chance that something potentially important could be true,  you can bet that it will be posted here. On October 27th, 2012 an astonishing video was captured in Mexico of an orb of light flying directly into a volcano at an enormously rapid velocity.  Was it a meteorite?  Or could it have been a spacecraft of some kind entering the inner Read more [...]

Ancient Buddhist Statue Made of Meteorite, New Study Reveals

An ancient Buddhist statue which was first recovered by a Nazi expedition in 1938 has been analyzed by a team of scientists led by Dr. Elmar Buchner from the Institute of Planetology, University of Stuttgart. The probably 1,000-year-old statue, called the "Iron Man," weighs 10 kilograms, portrays the Buddhist god Vaisravana and is believed to originate from the pre-Buddhist Bon culture of the 11th Century. Geochemical analyses by the German-Austrian research team revealed that the priceless statue Read more [...]

Carl Munck – The Code (1994)

The Code is an ancient matrix system built up of monuments all across the globe. These monuments include megalithic stone works, pyramids, circular works, effigies, and ancient earth mound. Each structure is a point in a remarkable global matrix which explains a global positioning system involving the mathematical precisions of the Earth. In order to "read" this matrix one must first change the current Prime Meridian back to the pyramid fields at Giza. For longitude the ancient builders referenced Read more [...]

Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old

Michael Tellinger shows off what could be one of the best pieces of evidence that there were giants on Earth a long, long time ago. Geologists have marvelled at this giant foot print in rough granite, about 4 feet long. Some still say that it is a natural erosion pattern. It is located in South Africa, near the town of Mpaluzi, close to the Swaziland border. It is estimated to be between 200 million and 3 Billion years old because of our current understanding of the formation of granites in Read more [...]

The Secret Caves of Giza

Beneath the pyramids of Egypt lies a lost underworld of catacombs, hewn chambers and cave tunnels that have remained unexplored for hundreds of years. They are alluded to in ancient texts and Arab legends, but have been left unexplored until today. They have now been rediscovered and investigated for the first time. What exactly does this subterranean realm tell us about the pyramids, their relationship to the stars and the mythical origins of Egyptian civilization? Discover for yourself as we Read more [...]

Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China?

A boy has stunned medics with his ability to see in pitch black with eyes that glow in the dark. Doctors have studied Nong Youhui's amazing eyesight since his dad took him to hospital in Dahua, southern China, concerned over his bright blue eyes. Dad Ling said: "They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people but they never did." Medical tests conducted in complete darkness show Youhui can read perfectly without any light Read more [...]