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Survival: How to Find Water in the Wild

Water is one of your most urgent needs in any survival situation. Within just six hours without water, the body begins to dehydrate, and a full day without water is a serious cause for concern. You can survive only about 3 days without water, so it's important you replace the fluid that your body loses from stress, high or low temperatures, and exertion. Ideally, in a survival situation when you are looking to build yourself a shelter, it should be as close to a water source as possible. Tips Read more [...]

3 Survival Shelters and How to Build Them

Building a shelter is the most urgent priority in almost any survival situation.  Shelter offers us protection from exposure to extreme cold and heat.  In extreme conditions, you can only live a few hours without shelter, so it's important you understand a few different types of shelters and how to build them.  What type you build will depend on the landscape of your situation and what materials are available in that area.    The location of your survival shelter is as important as the structure Read more [...]

Student Builds Micro-home in the Middle of the Desert with Just Enough Room for a Bed

Micro-homes are usually constructed in big cities where space is limited and rents are high.  But one student at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture built his micro-home in the middle of the desert.  Dave Frazee calls the home 'Miner's Shelter' after the abandoned miners shelter he used as the base for the home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Life on a small scale: Dave Frazee, pictured above, built this micro-home in the desert while he was a student at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Read more [...]

How To Create An Off The Grid Source Of Water

For any off-the-gridder or survivalist, having a safe, adequate, and reliable source of water is just about as basic as it gets. Water independence is the clear goal for all who want to be prepared for all contingencies, and digging your own well is the obvious way to set yourself up in anticipation of a time when utility companies can no longer be relied upon to supply vital services to their customers. But digging a traditional well is not the only option. There is another type of well that Read more [...]

Drinking Poop Water through a Life Straw

More than one billion people – one sixth of the world’s population - are without access to safe water supply. At any given moment, about half of the world's poor are suffering from waterborne diseases, of which over 6,000 – mainly children – die each day by consuming unsafe drinking water. The world’s most prolific killer though is a diarrheal disease from bacteria like typhoid, cholera, e. coli, salmonella and many others. Safe water interventions have vast potential to transform the Read more [...]

Straw Bale Construction

Straw-bale construction is a building method that uses bales of straw (commonly wheat, rice, rye and oats straw) as structural elements, building insulation, or both. This construction method is commonly used in natural building or "brown" construction projects. Advantages of straw-bale construction over conventional building systems include the renewable nature of straw, cost, easy availability, naturally fire-retardant and high insulation value. Disadvantages include susceptibility to Read more [...]

Keith Thompson: Totally Off The Grid

Keith aka Skeeter is living totally off the grid. Starting with a raw plot of land, he built his house from scratch, dug a well, created a solar power system and is completely responsible for all his waste. Keith is a good example of someone who got tired of paying utilities and mortgages to live on earth. He took matters into his own hands and decided to be as independent as possible. Read more [...]

Ray Mears Extreme Survival – Dehydration

Combating dehydration can be an up-hill struggle, and thankfully Ray Mears has some handy tips that will help you satisfy the need to provide yourself with life-giving water in many difficult situations. Read more [...]