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This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes

The reading game is about to change forever. Boston-based software developer Spritz has been in “stealth mode” for three years, tinkering with their program and leasing it out to different ebooks, apps, and other platforms. Now, Spritz is about to go public with Samsung’s new line of wearable technology. Other apps have offered up similar types of rapid serial visual presentation to enhance reading speed and convenience on mobile devices in the past. However, what Spritz does differently Read more [...]

Water Powered Engines: Overunity Energy Generation and Water Treatment Technology

While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit. These pursuits go by various names such as "Brown's gas" and "water fuel cells"; and have various heroes, such as the late Stanley Meyer, and more recently, John Kanzius, who is "burning" salt water using radio frequencies.  A number of commercial interests Read more [...]

Brazilian Inventors Produce Overunity Energy Generator Called ‘Earth Electron Captor’

Two Brazilian inventors, Nilson Barbosa and Cleriston Leal, claim to have invented a free energy device and are now selling this device to the public. The device is called the Earth Electron Captor Generator, or “GERADOR CAPTOR DE ELÉTRONS DA TERRA” in Portuguese. They are presently only offering the device to people who live in the city of Imperatriz. However, they are working to license production with several manufacturing firms that will allow for online sales. Their website says they Read more [...]

Say Goodbye to Landfills, and Hello to Plasma Arc Gasification

With millions of tons of waste being generated every year and nowhere to put it, scientists have developed a method of converting any waste, no matter how toxic or dangerous, safely and efficiently into a clean fuel gas.  Plasma Arc Gasification produces no pollution, and we will use it to make landfills obsolete, and restore planet earth's environment. Dirty Diapers, concrete, sludge, even hazardous biomedical waste can be transformed into energy and other useful elements using Plasmagasification Read more [...]

Harvard Develops Game-Changing Organic Battery

Rhubarb isn’t just good for baking pies. Michael J. Aziz and a team of researchers at Harvard University have developed an organic non-metal flow battery that is nearly 97 per cent cheaper to make than batteries containing metal, and it’s environmentally friendly. The battery relies on the electrochemistry of naturally abundant, small organic molecules (quinones) similar to those found in rhubarb. Each of the carbon-based molecules holds two units of electrical charge, compared with one unit Read more [...]

Innovative Shower Reduces Water Usage by 90%, Electricity by 80%

In space, astronauts go for years without a fresh supply of water. Floating in a capsule in outer space they wash and drink from the same continuously recycled source. So why, asked Swedish industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, do we not do the same on Earth?This was the concept behind the OrbSys Shower - a high-tech purification system that recycles water while you wash. In the eyes of Mahdjoubi, we should start doing it now, before it becomes a necessity. So how does it work? Similar to space Read more [...]

Biogas: How the U.S. can Power 46 Million Homes with Energy from Food Scraps, Grass Clippings, and Feces

Biogas is a combustible gas mixture generated when organic matter, such as animal (and human) manure, food scraps, leaves, and grass clippings, are broken down by bacteria at warm temperatures (30-60°C) in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen).  When organic waste is fed into an anaerobic digester, it functions like a big concrete stomach, converting it into biogas, and rich garden fertilizer.  Paul Sellew, CEO of Harvest Power Inc., said in a Boston Ted Talk that the compost derived Read more [...]

Astonishing Nitinol Heat Engine Invented in 1970′s and Suppressed by Oil Companies

Nitinol is an incredibly unique metal with the ability to completely free humanity from dependency on oil for energy production.  This anomylous metal alloy, consisting of nickel and titanium, has the strange ability to memorize any shape, and with a little heat, it will return to that shape with vigorous force.  By elevating its temperature to 500°C while in the desired shape, the metal memory of nitinol becomes trained.  Once the memory is formed and the metal is allowed to cool to Read more [...]