10 Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

chlorine shower filter

If you shower in municipal tap water that has been chlorinated, you could be slowly poisoning yourself by breathing in toxic chlorine vapors.

Bacteria and pathogens are removed from most municipal water supplies using chlorine.  The problem is, after chlorine is added and its job is done, it is not removed before it re-enters the water supply and our homes.  The result is water contaminated with chlorine (and MANY other harmful chemicals) entering our homes and many people end up drinking and bathing in it everyday.

Many authorities believe that we accept more chlorine into our bodies from one shower than from drinking 6-8 glasses of chlorinated water a day.  Even worse, when that hot water containing chlorine vaporizes, you are inhaling chlorine and other toxic chemicals present in your water supply.   The accumulation of toxic chemicals in the body will eventually lead to disease, therefore it’s critically important that we take action to eliminate our exposure to as many of these chemicals as possible.

I’m here to show you how, with a simple upgrade, you can eliminate your exposure to almost all of these chemicals forever!

10 Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

  1. Using a shower filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce harmful exposure to chlorine and other harmful chemicals including fluoride, pesticides, antibiotics, birth control medication, industrial solvents, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, etc.
  2. Showering in filtered water results in greater respiratory health by reducing the risk of asthma and bronchitis from chlorine inhalation.
  3. Showering in chlorine-free, filtered water decreases the risks of bladder and breast cancer.
  4. Children, who are particularly at risk of the harmful effects of chlorine inhalation, benefit especially from the removal of chlorine from showering water.
  5. As chlorine is a leading cause of fatigue, showering in filtered, chlorine-free water results in higher energy levels and overall greater health.
  6. Removing chlorine from showering water results in better air quality throughout the house.
  7. Without the drying effects of chlorine, skin becomes softer, healthier, and younger looking.
  8. Removing chlorine from showering water reduces the presence of skin rashes and the appearance of wrinkles.
  9. Because the hair is able to preserve its natural moisturizing oils, it becomes softer and healthier when chlorine is removed from showering water.
  10. When the body is able to retain its natural moisturizers, the need for costly lotions and moisturizers is greatly reduced.


By using a whole house filter or shower filter, you’re protecting yourself and your family from inhaling toxic chlorine and other chemical vapors and doing a great deal of positive for you health.


10 Benefits of Using a Shower Filter