113-Year-Old Man Reveals Secret: 5 Foods for Long Life (VIDEO)

113 year old man reveals 5 Foods for Long Life

Fernando LaPallo is living proof that with the will to survive, and the dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, anything is possible… including having the skin of a 30 year-old and living an active life at age 113.

So often the wisdom of the elderly is taken for granted in our culture.  There aren’t many people alive today who appreciate the knowledge that an aged person has acquired in their lives from the many lessons learned along the way.

It takes an extremely special person to catch the interest of most people, and who better than somebody who is still alive and well at age 113?

Fernando LaPallo was born in 1901, lives in Mesa, Arizona, and he claims that he has never been sick a day in his life.  He walks every morning, and eats mostly organic fruits and vegetables.  Attributing his health to knowledge passed down from his father, who was a doctor and a man of discipline, Fernando has revealed his top 5 foods for a long and healthy life.

Here are the top 5 healthy foods that Fernando recommends:

1. Garlic

Garlicclove2. Honey

Honey3. Cinnamon

cinnamon4. Chocolate140227092149-large

5. Olive Oil