Betaray Crystal Sphere Solar Energy Generator Harvests Energy From Sunlight and Moonlight

The betaray crystal sphere is a weatherproof glass ball which concentrates sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000-times and can harvest up to 70% more solar energy than conventional solar panels.  Invented by solar energy engineers at Rawlemon, the betaray is a highly efficient and visually stunning way to harness light energy from the sun and moon for electricity or thermal applications.

The company claims their design can harvest up to 70% more solar energy than photovoltaic panels, making it 35 percent more efficient than traditional dual-axis photovoltaic designs.

betaray crystal sphere endalldisease free energy

The betaray crystal sphere can be used to collect sunlight for electricity or thermal energy.  What makes this technology so appealing is it can harness solar energy from the sun, the moon, or even the gray sky of a cloudy day, unlike conventional Photovoltaic collectors, which require 4 times more incoming light before power production begins.

How it works?

The betaray crystal sphere accepts light from the sun or moon – even the little bit of sunlight that makes its way through clouds on an overcast day – and its spherical shape allows it to concentrate that light up to 10,000x into a intensely focused beam aimed straight at the collector.  The concentrated beam of light that the betaray produces is one of its biggest advantages; it is the primary reason why it is able to harness 70% more energy than conventional photovoltaic panels.

Advantages of the Betaray Crystal Sphere

The betaray crystal sphere has many advantages over conventional solar systems, some of which include:

  • It can harvest up to 70% more solar energy than photovoltaic panels
  • It requires 4x less energy than conventional photovoltaics in order to begin collecting energy
  • It can produce energy even in overcast conditions
  • It is completely weatherproof
  • It is more visually appealing than an array of solar panels

The Betaray Crystal Sphere Incorporated into Architecture

German architect André Broessel, and other architects involved in the production of this technology, wanted to increase efficiency of solar power generation as much as they wanted to make a beautiful design that could be incorporated directly into building design.  The clean and beautiful design of the Betaray crystal sphere is catching a lot of attention from architects and designers worldwide. 

betaray crystal sphere in architecture

An example of the betaray crystal sphere used as a functional component in architecture

In 2013, their original prototype the solar sphere was a finalist in the World Technology Network Award 2013.  This motivated the team to continue development, which lead to the production of the more efficient betaray crystal sphere.

The betaray crystal sphere can be fully integrated into the walls or ceilings of a building while suffering no weather impact over time.  And the everlasting giant crystal ball is guaranteed to be at least 99 percent transparent.

How to get a Betaray Crystal Sphere

Recently, I sent an email to the architects at Rawlemon to find out if the betaray could be purchased or if it was just a concept idea that wasn’t really for sale – like when you go to a car show and see a bunch of ‘concept cars’ that never make it to the market for sale.

Director of Raw Lemon André Broessel replied to my email confirming that they can indeed build and sell the betaray crystal sphere to anybody who would like to purchase one.  “The question is” wrote Broessel, “how much energy you need.”  The team at Raw Lemon are engineers and can design custom systems utilizing the betaray crystal sphere based on the energy requirements of your project.

To inquire about having a custom betaray crystal sphere produced for your project, contact them at


The Betaray Crystal Sphere represents a novel innovation with benefits to the beauty of architecture as well as to the efficiency with which we are able to collect and utilize solar energy.