Cancer: The Mystery Solved (Part 1)

Cancer The Mystery Solved

After spending the past 3 years researching and writing my book on cancer, it’s time to share with the world everything I’ve learned.

In this five part series, all of the greatest mysteries of cancer will be unravelled, including:  What is cancer?  What is a tumor?  What are the most effective ways of reversing them?  Once we’ve established what a cancer cell actually is, the most effective methods of treatment will become evident.

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This is a very exciting and important moment in history: It’s the moment where people with the courage to think for themselves and question what they’re told by so-called authorities realize they’ve been lied to.  It’s also the moment that a clear understanding about cancer will empower people to finally stand up and say ‘no’ to an industry that’s pushing services that are not only ineffective, but are killing people.  Most importantly, it’s the moment people realize that the power to heal is where it has always been… in their hands.

First, It’s time to boldly and honestly evaluate our decades long collective pursuit in search of a cure for cancer.  It’s been a long road on this journey together and many of us have generously donated hundreds or even thousands of our hard-earned dollars over the preceding decades to help fuel these efforts.  What kind of results has this endeavor rendered?  Should we continue down this road or formulate a new strategy going forward?

If the current vector we are on is determined to be ineffectual, another strategy will be commissioned to ensure that no more time is wasted waiting for those who’ve given us nothing but false hopes.

The ‘War on Cancer’ a Colossal Failure

It’s been nearly 50 years since the War on Cancer was declared, and yet more people are diagnosed and dying from the disease than ever before.(1)

During that time period, an estimated 500 billion dollars have been spent on cancer research(2), and what kind of return has this investment generated for us?  None!  The cancer establishment has come up with literally nothing useful for preventing or curing the disease.  This astonishing failure has come about either because the people we’ve employed for the task of curing cancer are enormously incompetent or enormously criminal.

Pop quiz!  If you pay somebody 500 billion dollars to deliver you a specific result and 50 years later progress actually regresses in the opposite direction, what do you do?

You FIRE THEM and find a new approach.

Let’s admit to ourselves the obvious right now – say it with me: ‘They will never give us a cure’.

Corporations do one thing and they do it really well: Earn money.  If you owned a business that was generating you 125 billion dollars a year in profit, would you put yourself out of business?  Of course not!  I know I wouldn’t.

Continuing to pour money into this broken, diseased, greed-driven system is about as mindless as walking blindfolded towards a cliff.  If you still think it’s a good idea to donate to cancer charities despite their colossal failure, and despite the CEO’s of some of them taking home nearly half a million dollars of our donations every year and spending it on vacations, and fancy cars, dinners and hotels, then please don’t walk – RUN faster towards that cliff.  You are perpetuating a system that is harming sick people instead of healing them and the world is better off without you.

According to governments and cancer research organizations worldwide, how to safely and effectively prevent and treat cancer still remains a mystery.  The rate of survival using surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy have not improved a single iota since we began using them decades ago (Radiotherapy has been in use for well over 100 years.).

The bottom line is that if these treatments don’t improve quality of life or lifespan of our friends and family members with cancer, and if they are not the absolute best treatments we’ve got, then we shouldn’t be using them.  In this age of the internet we have access to more information than ever before in human history and there’s a lot of information that we don’t even know exists.

A New Strategy for Solving Cancer

When large sums of money are at stake, people won’t hesitate to lie, cheat and steal in order to obtain it, according to a number of psychology studies focused on people in the upper class.(3)  We’ve also seen a real-life example of unethical corporate behavior in 2006, when the cigarette industry was found guilty of conspiracy, fraud and racketeering in US federal court.(4)  People also won’t hesitate to ignore or deny what is right in front of them if it may interfere with them winning a ‘prize’.

The question that must be asked is:  What if cancer has already been solved but we’re not being told about it?

I asked this question almost exactly 3 years ago when I began writing my book Cancer Cured, and now that the book has been completed, I can say unequivocally that the answers are indeed out there.  Scattered among thousands of different scientific studies, the intensity, focus and dedication it took to find all the pieces to this puzzle and the creativity, foresight and understanding it took to arrange them logically, simply and in a way that could be understood by anyone of any age was the greatest challenge I faced.  I don’t shy away from big challenges and all the hard work has now been completed. (Buy the book now and educate yourself, that’s an order!).

The thousands of doctors and nobel prize winning scientists who’ve published the 2341 scientific and clinical studies I referenced in my book have made discoveries which, taken together, render a very precise image of what cancer is and the most efficient ways to reverse it.  Every piece of the puzzle has already been discovered and the bigger picture is ready for mass public awareness.

Nobody needs to die of cancer anymore as you will see clearly in this series, and those willing to open their minds to new information and ideas and apply them will be rewarded with greater health and with life.


The 50-year effort known as the War on Cancer and the cancer establishment’s promise to find a cure in exchange for our hard-earned dollars has been a colossal failure.  Like a ‘lazy ass stoner’ who sits at home all day and does nothing productive, or the ‘loser terrorists’ that Donald Trump likes to speak about, the establishment has given us literally nothing to effectively prevent or cure the disease of cancer.

Indeed, with all the money and time we’ve spent supporting this endeavor, there’s no doubt we’ve got a lot invested in this ride.  But like the game of poker, it’s never too late to fold your cards.  And if it turns out that just over the hill and out of view we find a piece of track is missing from this metaphorical rollercoaster we are on, we may discover that the ride is sending people to their graves – and it may be time to stop purchasing tickets.

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