Thank you for your interest in contacting me.  Please understand that due to the large volume of email which I receive, I cannot reply to all of them.

Please read the following guidelines first before writing in to increase your chances of receiving a reply.

Personal Inquiries

  • Is your package taking longer than expected to arrive in the mail?
    First, I apologize for how slow the postal service is.  I know there currently are more parcels being shipped than ever in history, but I wish we had control over how quickly they moved parcels around.  Please rest assured that if you haven't received your package yet, it is on its way in the mail and out of our hands.  Until it arrives, you can keep an eye on it by pasting in your tracking number into the search at or
  • What's the best way to do red light therapy treatment?
    Shine the light on your bare skin for 10-20 minutes a session, one to two times per day.  If you have one of our lights that have cooling fans, (bodylight mini or full bodylight) I recommend experimenting with treatment up to 2 hours a session.  (I often have my full bodylight shining at me while working at my desk for 2 hours at a time to keep stress levels low.)  Repeat daily, and once you begin noticing improvement, consider reducing to once a day or a few times a week as required.  Think of red light as an essential nutrient for all your cells.  The potential benefits are greatest in winter and times with the least sunlight.
  • Where can I find quality nutrients, supplements, and hormones?
    All my recommendations for nutrients and supplements which contain no harmful adjuvants can be found on our Resources page, and a whole lot more great products that you might find helpful.

Business Inquiries

  • Radio Shows
    I enjoy going on radio shows and feel it's a win-win-win situation (host-guest-listeners).  Feel free to contact me to discuss your show, the schedule and what you'd like to discuss.
  • Public Speaking/Conferences
    Yes, I do public speaking.  Feel free to contact me as I handle my own booking to discuss your project or conference and the schedule.
  • Guest Posts
    No, I do not accept guests posts on this website so please do not inquire.
  • Product or Service Pitch
    Please don't contact me if you're aim is to sell me something.  I get dozens of these types of emails and I am simply not interested in buying anything at this time.
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