Essiac Tea Alternative Cancer Treatment: Your Complete Guide

Essiac tea alternative cancer treatment

Essiac tea is a herbal remedy pioneered and used to treat cancer patients by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse.

Whilst working in a northern Ontario hospital, in 1922, she noticed a healed scar on the breast of an elderly patient. The woman explained that thirty years earlier a Toronto doctor had diagnosed cancer and had recommended mastectomy. Declining the offer, she took the treatment offered her by an Ojibwa/Chippewa herbalist: the tumour began to shrink and disappeared.

Caisse’s first patient was her aunt, with advanced stomach cancer and six months to live: the aunt lived for another twenty years. Caisse treated thousands of patients over the years, mostly those who were diagnosed ‘incurable’ and damaged by orthodox treatment. Grateful patients and friends presented a 55,000-signature petition to the Canadian authorities to allow the treatment to be available to anyone without persecution from the cancer establishment or their government lackeys. The parliamentary vote was lost by three votes due to the behind-the-scenes activity of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr.Charles A. Brusch, former personal physician to President John F.Kennedy, stated: ‘Essiac is a cure for cancer, period.’ 44 Brusch treated the son of Senator Edward Kennedy. ‘He was being treated…by the Farber Cancer Institute…Dr.Farber didn’t know how to save him, because no-one had ever lived with this type of sarcoma…Brusch made the suggestion to put him on Essiac…after…he didn’t have a cancer cell anywhere in his body…but all this information has been hidden from the general public.’44 US journalist Scott E. Milners reported:

‘I spoke with a Seattle man recently…diagnosed with cancer of the tongue in 1990. It had spread to the lymph nodes of his neck. He was set… for…radiation and chemotherapy. His wife wanted him to try alternatives…he did, but his doctors did not want to listen to him when he told them about…the Essiac. After about 2½ weeks of radiation his tongue was burned like a canker sore. He lost 65 pounds. It took from 4am to 8am to drink his vitamins and juices. ‘The tumour was shrinking…By the seventh week the radiation had burned the neck so that it looked like raw meat. He stopped the radiation in May 1992. One month later the doctors removed 39 lymph nodes from his neck and there was no cancer in any of them…He still has no cancer today…He takes Essiac daily…he tries to tell the doctors…but they don’t want to listen.’

Rene Caisse died in 1978: by this time she had amassed a very large body of evidence, in the form of patients’ files and other documentation, on the efficacy of the Essiac treatment.

The ‘Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare’ immediately had the whole of the records destroyed.



“The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes and ages, with all types of cancer, definitely prove Essiac to be a cure for cancer. All studies done in four laboratories in the United States and one more in Canada fortify this claim.”
– Dr. Charles A. Brusch


In a tiny Canadian village called Bracebridge in the early 1920’s, a nurse named Rene Caisse successfully healed many terminal cancer patients with a remedy called Essiac Tea.

For her services she accepted any form of payment that the patient could afford – even eggs and produce.  Eventually she stopped charging any fees and treated hundreds of patients for free.  The result was harassment from the Canadian Health Minstry and betrayal from a corporation she had hoped would hep her legalize her remedy.

Though the name “Essiac” comes from spelling her name backwards, the recipe originally came from an Ojibway Native American medicine man in remote northern Canada.

The Origins of Essiac Tea

Since Rene had an aunt and step-father with homemakers1-221x300cancer, she was very interested, and asked the woman the ingredients and how to prepare the tea.  She learned the ingredients and recipe and immediately begun treating the cancer in her aunt and step-father.  “It took some time,” said Rene about her step father, “but eventually he was cured.”

From that point forward, her success was so enormous that in 1933, the small town of Bracebridge allowed her to use the obsolete British Lion Hotel as a clinic for only one dollar per month.  From 1934 to 1942, Rene brewed the infamous Essiac tea and successfully treated hundreds of cancer patients. 

A target of harassment from the Canadian Health Authorities, Rene stated that the only reason she wasn’t imprisoned was because of the support from Bracebridge’s Town Council, several prominant doctors, and her many cured patients – one of which was cured of both cancer and diabetes.

Regarding the harassment Rene received for over 50 years, Rene stated: “I never dreamed of the opposition and the persecution that would be my lot in trying to help suffering humanity with no thought of personal gain.”

Essiac Makes its Way to the United States!


“I never dreamed of the opposition and the persecution that would be my lot in trying to help suffering humanity with no thought of personal gain.”
Rene Caisse, RN

Despite the hundreds of successful treatments, the public remained uninformed about Essiac Tea.  A year before her death in 1978, Rene Caisse made a deal with a company called Resperin, who she thought was going to help her legalize the tea.  As it turns out, Resperin was in the pocket of the Canadian government and medical authorities, and this project was quickly vaporized.

Thankfully, a successful chiropractic doctor from California – Dr. Gary Glum – heard about Essiac’s healing qualities and searched for the formula.  He ended up buying it in Detroit from a woman who was cured of cervical cancer.  Dr. Glum then travelled to Canada to interview a close personal assistant to Rene Caisse to learn more.  At the interview, Gary uncovered enough information about the work of Rene Caisse that he wrote a book about her story, called Calling of an Angel.  Since Essiac was not FDA-approved and such a threat to the cancer industry, no publishing company would risk publishing his book.  He ended up self-publishing the book and since then it has been widely disseminated over the western world.

Dr Glum ended up publishing a second book called Full Disclosure, which reveals the true source of AIDS as man made and the depopulation agenda.  For spreading the truth in his two books, Dr. Glum was harassed by US Marshals and almost completely financially ruined by false IRS claims.  A Naval Intelligence operative later threatened his life and the lives of his family if he continued publishing his two books.

More Success with Essiac Tea

Using his newfound Essiac treatment, Dr. Glum had success with cancer patients that came his way.  He used Essiac to treat a young boy who had a virulent form of terminal leukemia. The boy recovered completely, but ended up dying later from heart failure. The damage to his heart that caused the failure was traced to his earlier chemotherapy treatments!

Dr. Charles A. Brusch, a personal physician for the late President John F. Kennedy and former colleague of Rene Caisse, treated both his own cancer and Ted Kennedy’s son’s incurable cancer successfully with Essiac.  Dr. Brusch was then told to keep quiet or wind up in prison for the rest of his life.

Despite his silence, the book Calling of an Angel, revealed this quote from Dr. Brusch, “The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes and ages, with all types of cancer, definitely prove Essiac to be a cure for cancer. All studies done in four laboratories in the United States and one more in Canada fortify this claim.”

Immediately after the death of Rene Caisse’s, authorities ransacked her home and burned her records.  Thankfully, her friend Mary McPherson had saved some, and a series of autobiographical articles by Nurse Caisse had become public record.  Thanks to Dr. Glum’s investigative journalism, the secret is out.

5 Scientific Studies on Essiac Tea vs. Cancer

  1. In 2007, scientists conducted an in vitro study of Essiac tea’s effect on ovarian cancer cells.  The results showed that Essiac exhibited significant antioxidant activity, significant immune-boosting effects, and significant cancer cell-specific toxicity to the ovarian cancer cells.
  2. Researchers reported in a 2005 study, the case of a 64-year-old man whose prostate cancer responded well to Essiac tea treatment.
  3. A study investigating the effects of Essiac on human tumor cell lines found that in high doses, Essiac “demonstrated antiproliferative and differentiation inducing properties”.
  4. When the anti-cancer effect of Essiac tea was investigated in 2004, data collected from the study indicated that “Essiac tea possesses potent antioxidant and DNA-protective activity, properties that are common to natural anti-cancer agents”.
  5. In an examination of Essiac tea’s ability to modulate cancer cell growth and the immune response, researchers who conducted the study found that “Essiac preparations may be able to inhibit tumor cell growth while enhancing immune response to antigenic stimulation”.

Essiac Ingredients

These four ingredients, brewed together, have a proven record of cured patients since the late 1920’s.

  • 6 1/2 cups of burdock root (cut)
  • 1 pound of sheep sorrel herb (powdered)
  • 1/4 pound of slippery elm bark (powdered)
  • 1 ounce of Turkish rhubarb root (powdered)

Combining this quantity of ingredients will make 8 quarts or 2 gallons of the tea.  Dividing each amount in half makes one gallon at a time.

Essiac Brewing Instructions

Boil the herbs hard without a lid for 10 to 20 minutes, then cover with a lid and steep over night on the stove. In the morning, heat it up to steaming hot (not boiling), then let it settle and pour into glass or ceramic containers.  Use glass or ceramic containers for storing.

The dosage depends on the condition being treated. For immune boosting or mild ailments,  consume 2 ounces once daily.   For more serious ailments like cancer, increase the frequency up to 3 ounces, 3 times daily.