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Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla demonstrating wireless power transmission, probably in his New York laboratory in the 1890s. The bulb is a prototype "fluorescent" light he invented consisting of a partially evacuated glass bulb with a single metal electrode. Nearby but not visible there is one of his Tesla coil high voltage oscillators which produces a radio frequency electric field. The electric field ionizes the gas in the bulb, causing it to glow similar to a neon light. Tesla invented a residential wireless lighting system in the 1889s.

Free energy has been one of the most sought after and impassioned pursuits of man since the discovery of electricity.  Modern societies have become so dependent on electricity for their survival that freeing themselves from dependence on energy monopolizing corporations would mean an entirely new level of freedom and existential security.  The lack of support and harsh ridicule of amateur inventors attempting to solve the problem of energy dependence has never stopped them from trying or succeeding. 

Today, it is estimated that about half the cost of every product is due to the price of transporting that product.  So in addition to increased freedom and security for every human being alive, free energy represents a 50% reduced cost of living.  Imagine what it would be like to double your income, or being able to work 25 hours less each week.

With more free time people tend to learn and solve problems, which is why those in power have gone to whatever lengths necessary to ensure free energy has never reached the public.  However, the truth cannot be stopped, and thanks to the work of many amateur inventors across the world, a multitude of ways of producing free energy independent of the power grid are now possible. 

In this article you will learn about many alternative free energy technologies, and why electricity itself may not be the best way to power machines.  There's a new paradigm shift underway - from the utilization of highly inefficient, dangerous and expensive electricity, to a new medium that can safely and efficiently power our lives for free, forever.

Nikola Tesla's Discovery of Free Energy

"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, or any other fuel."
- Nikola Tesla (1933)

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a Serbian-American inventor best known for his discovery of alternating current (AC) power and the design of the modern AC electricity supply system currently in use in most of the world.(R)  But what the mainstream fails to acknowledge about Nikola Tesla was that his dream wasn't just supply the world with electricity - Tesla dreamt of delivering unlimited power wirelessly to everybody in the world, free of charge.

nikola tesla wardenclyffe tower free energy gerard morin

Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island, New York

In the 1890's, Tesla began experimenting for ways to transmit power wirelessly worldwide.  A couple famous experiments at that time were his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments in New York and Colorado Springs.  One such project was Tesla's infamous Wardenclyffe tower in Long Island, New York.  Wardenclyffe tower was to become his intercontinental wireless power transmitter - but then Tesla made a fatal mistake.

At the time, Tesla had been well known publically for his noble inventions and he spent a lot of time demonstrating his achievements to celebrities and wealthy patrons at public lectures.  When work on Wardenclyffe Tower began and Tesla made public his intent to produce wireless electricity to the entire world for free, his financier - the international banker JP Morgan - abandoned him and his funding ran dry.(R)

As the history books tell us, Tesla spent the last years of his life broke and homeless, and following his death his research papers and laboratory work had been confiscated.  An article published by Nikola Tesla in Century Illustrated Magazine in 1900 called The Problem of Increasing Human Energy makes it clear that if it weren't for his lack of funding, Tesla would have likely achieved his goals.(R)

In his article, Tesla wrote about what he called a "self-acting engine" which could run indefinitely from the solar energy found in the air around us.  The 'solar energy' he wrote about can also be called resonance, which he declared "the ideal way of obtaining motive power."

“This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.”

Although Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower Project was never finished, his dream of transmitting wireless power worldwide free of charge has remained alive in the minds and hearts of man ever since.  And thanks to the work of one amateur Canadian inventor in 2018, Tesla's dream of free and unlimited electricity may have finally been realized.  More about that later.

More Suppression of Free Energy Technology

free energy technology nikola tesla gerard morin

It's no secret that the gears of the worldwide economy are driven by energy.  Whether products are being transported by ships across the ocean, airplanes, trains or trucks - all of these modes of transport require energy.  The electricity in our homes and businesses that power our light bulbs and appliances obviously also require energy.

With this kind of demand for energy, is it surprising that Tesla's attempt at providing free energy for the world was stifled?  Would it surprise you that others with similar inventions since Tesla's time have been silenced also?

One good example of this is the water powered car.  I'm not going to pretend like running generators on hydrogen derived from water would solve all of the world's problems, although it could certainly solve many of them, but the story of Stanley Meyer is a great example of how far large oil corporations will go to squash inventions that could vanquish our dependence on their products and services.

Stanley Meyer: Water-Powered Car Inventor Murdered?

Stanley Meyer was an amateur inventor from Columbus, Ohio who appeared on mainstream news in the early 1990's showing off his water-powered dune buggy.  "The water fuel cell breaks down water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen and the hydrogen is used to run his dune buggy," said reporter Ralph Robinson.  What's great about Meyer's invention is that the water being used didn't have to be pure and the engine could even run on saltwater without incurring damage.  "I don't care if you use rain water, well water, city water or ocean water.  If you don't have any fresh water, go ahead and use snow.  If you don't have any snow available to you then go ahead and use salt water because there's no adverse effect to the fuel cell," explained Stan Meyer in the interview.

Interestingly, just like Nicola Tesla, Meyer's work involved the use of high frequencies and high voltage.  And it was using these two parameters that he was able to achieve 17x or 1700% overunity with his hydrogen fuel cell.(R)

After the piece, he allegedly signed a contract with the US government to open up a large facility to begin mass-producing his fuel cell technology, and then died the following day after allegedly being poisoned.  Stan Meyer's official autopsy report seems to validate this, and years later in 2013, Meyer's sister and neice spoke publically about his suspicious death.

Stan Meyer had a twin brother, but after seeing what happened to Stan, his brother didn't press forward and attempt to implement their water fuel cell technology with the same vigor.  The following video is Stanley Meyer's original news piece on the tv news in the early 1990's.

The world society is so deeply entrenched in existing energy production methods that relying on the system to provide the solutions we need is clearly no longer an option.  The necessary path forward is to bring energy down to a small scale, where it is generated on site where it is needed.  This decentralization of power generation will mean the end of the pollutant behaviors of large energy corporations and monthly energy bills.

Moving Foward: Decentralized, Unlimited Clean Energy

From the bones of a dying electricity grid come new ways to power our house that decentralize energy production and bring it down to the home or business level.  It's important and fascinating to be aware of the vast number of alternative free energy inventions which have been developed since Tesla's time in pursuit of clean and abundant free energy.  While a few of the following inventions may not work or even be hoaxes, I think the vast majority are legitimate clean power-producing engines and devices.  Read and decide for yourself what you think.

The following is a collection of some of the greatest alternative energy devices ever discovered.  If you feel we've missed any, please contact us and we will consider adding them to the list.

Gerard Morin:  The Mystery of Free Energy Solved

Gerard Morin free energy nikola tesla

Amateur Canadian Inventor Gerard Morin with one of his hyperdrive prototypes.

The hyperdrive is a safe, quiet, powerful, non-pollutant machine that can produce free energy for the entire world, forever.  Gerard Morin has reverse engineered the findings and technologies first discovered and developed by the late Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

A 2018 study of Gerard Morin's hyperdrive conducted by retired engineer Mantim Lee of Singapore concluded that the hyperdrive produced 114-times or 11400% overunity.

When I first noticed amateur inventor Gerard Morin's videos on YouTube in 2015, I immediately got the impression that he was legitimate and not somebody trying to mislead or confuse.  Gerard Morin is a man of French origin, who lives in Ontario, Canada.  In his very first video on youtube he wastes no time and immediately hones in on his goal to reverse engineer the successes of Nikola Tesla.  The key to achieving his objective, Morin claimed, was to understand resonance.

He expressed his intent to build a small practical free energy device based on his research and to provide free energy to the world.  One thing I like about him is that he is motivated by creating a better world for children, which is one of the biggest motivations behind my work as well.  In one video he specifically said that he would take a bullet for all the children out there, because if we continue down the path we are going as a society, the children are going to not want to live.

The Hyperdrive & A New Energy Paradigm

You cannot bake a cake if the recipe you are using is for a pie.  According to Gerard Morin, we've been given the wrong information about the best medium to use to power machines.  If Morin is right, and his demonstrations speak appear to validate what he is saying, then electricity is not the best medium to use for creating motion.

This is why Morin calls his invention The Hyperdrive, which he insists "is not a motor," because it does not involve the use of electricity.  Rather than being a motor, the Hyperdrive is a 3-phase sine wave generator - the same thing that is used for an inverter generator, which utilizes Radio Frequencies (RF).  This, however, is not the same radio frequencies used for communication, because there is no data transfer.

In today's world, the availability of large volume of amps is critical; without high amps there is no work done.  Where the hyperdrive differs is that instead of utilizing high amps, it uses high volts and high frequency.  Remember Tesla's high frequency and high volt experiments in New York that were mentioned earlier in this article?  Morin has picked up where Tesla left off and is utilizing the same forces to produce unlimited free energy.

How does it work?

A demonstration of the hyperdrive by free energy inventor Gerard Morin

A demonstration of the hyperdrive by Canadian free energy inventor Gerard Morin.

The theory behind Morin's hyperdrive is that it's transferring resonance in high volts (high volume) into a sine wave generator.  The resonance, at a certain frequency, then activates the magnet.  For those who aren't aware, a sine wave generator basically runs magnets passed a coil of wire and the movement generates RF.  The resultant RF can then be fed back into the system in perpetuity.  But there is an optimal frequency and voltage for each hyperdrive, and this is why a controller is necessary to adjust these parameters.

Interestingly, Morin could find no controllers in existence that could do what he needed to fine tune his hyperdrive, so he has travelled to China and has been working with a number of manufacturers worldwide to produce them for him custom.  This proved to be quite the challenge since doing so required that he teach the engineers this new paradigm that he discovered.  Most times engineers don't want to hear they are wrong from an amateur inventor, so he had to let them make their mistakes and learn for themselves along the way.  Thankfully they are starting to understand this technology and its potential implications for the world.

Anyways, by amplifying voltage and high frequency RF sent to the hyperdrive simultaneously, as Morin has demonstrated in a number of his videos (I'll embed one below), the amps required by the system drop to almost nothing, and the RPM and torque are elevated drastically.  I recall from one of his videos he was able to get 70lbs of torque from a tiny 3-inch drum 'motor' hyperdrive, while running just a fraction of an amp.  The energy produced by this highly efficient system can then be fed back into it to further propel motion perpetually.

Advantages of the Hyperdrive

  • Very quiet
  • Safe; you can touch the wires while it's running
  • The Hyperdrive itself is very inexpensive
  • Extremely powerful
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Zero pollution
  • Free energy forever

The Hyperdrive is Open Source

With over 41,000 subscribers on YouTube, Morin's inbox has been constantly flooded with email messages with questions as well as his fair share of haters accusing him of being a fraud.  Morin is such a straight shooter that he said that he's going to release this technology and let the world run with it.

A number of colleges in Japan, as well as schools in India, Pakistan and a number of countries in Europe are now teaching Morin's concepts to their students, according to Morin, which can't help but make one feel hopeful for the future.

Another exciting development is that Morin has also given the rights to China, Israel, and a number of other countries to do what they want with this technology.  Essentially, they can develop it in whatever scale or quantity they want and sell it to whoever for whatever price.  The critical understanding of how it works is now making its way across the world like a wildfire of freedom that cannot be stopped.  The development of the hyperdrive is only the beginning.  This technology can and will be applied to power anything that requires movement.

Where Can I get a Hyperdrive?

As of right now, Morin is still fine tuning the hyperdrive, and once he is done, he has mentioned that he will begin taking orders and place a large order from the manufacturer to get the price down as little as possible.  In one estimate, he said the controller may be as little as a few hundred dollars.  He also expressed his intent to sell the 6 inch drum motors as they are powerful enough to generate almost anything.  Also in the works are larger motors for homes and industrial uses.

When the controller and hyperdrive become available I will update this section, so check back in the future.  If you have any questions to ask Gerard, you can find him at the following links.

Gerard Morin's YouTube:
Gerard Morin's Email: