The Hyperdrive: Free and Natural Energy by Canadian Inventor Gerard Morin

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Amateur Canadian Inventor Gerard Morin with one of his hyperdrive prototypes.

The hyperdrive is a safe, quiet, powerful, non-pollutant machine that can produce free energy for the entire world, forever.  Gerard Morin has reverse engineered the findings and technologies first discovered and developed by the late Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).

A 2018 study of Gerard Morin's hyperdrive conducted by retired engineer Mantim Lee of Singapore concluded that the hyperdrive produced 114-times or 11400% overunity.

When I first noticed amateur inventor Gerard Morin's videos on YouTube in 2015, I immediately got the impression that he was legitimate and not somebody trying to mislead or confuse.  Gerard Morin is a man of French origin, who lives in Ontario, Canada.  In his very first video on youtube he wastes no time and immediately hones in on his goal to reverse engineer the successes of Nikola Tesla.  The key to achieving his objective, Morin claimed, is understanding resonance.

He expressed his intent to build a small practical free energy device based on his research and to provide free energy to the world. One thing I like about him is that he is motivated by creating a better world for children, which is one of the biggest motivations behind my work as well. In one video he specifically said that he would take a bullet for all the children out there, because if we continue down the path we are going as a society, the children are going to not want to live.

The Hyperdrive & New Energy Paradigm

You cannot bake a cake if the recipe you are using is for a pie.  According to Gerard Morin, we've been given the wrong information about the best medium to use to power machines.  If Morin is right, and his demonstrations speak appear to validate what he is saying, then electricity is not the best medium to use for creating motion.

This is why Morin calls his invention The Hyperdrive, which he insists "is not a motor," because it does not involve the use of electricity. Rather than being a motor, the Hyperdrive is a 3-phase sine wave generator - the same thing that is used for an inverter generator, which utilizes Radio Frequencies (RF). This, however, is not the same radio frequencies used for communication, because there is no data transfer.

In today's world, the availability of large volume of amps is critical; without high amps there is no work done. Where the hyperdrive differs is that instead of utilizing high amps, it uses high volts and high frequency. Remember Tesla's high frequency and high volt experiments in New York that were mentioned earlier in this article? Morin has picked up where Tesla left off and is utilizing the same forces to produce unlimited free energy.

How does it work?

the hyperdrive generating massive energy by gerard morin nikola tesla technology

A demonstration of the hyperdrive generating massive amounts of energy from high frequency, high voltage and almost no amps.

The theory behind Morin's hyperdrive is that it's transferring resonance in high volts (high volume) into a sine wave generator.   The resonance, at a certain frequency, then activates the magnet. For those who aren't aware, a sine wave generator basically runs magnets passed a coil of wire and the movement generates RF. The resultant RF can then be fed back into the system in perpetuity. But there is an optimal frequency and voltage for each hyperdrive, and this is why a controller is necessary to adjust these parameters.

Interestingly, Morin could find no controllers in existence that could do what he needed to fine tune his hyperdrive, so he has travelled to China and has been working with a number of manufacturers worldwide to produce them for him custom. This proved to be quite the challenge since doing so required that he teach the engineers this new paradigm that he discovered. Most times engineers don't want to hear they are wrong from an amateur inventor, so he had to let them make their mistakes and learn for themselves along the way. Thankfully they are starting to understand this technology and its potential implications for the world.

Anyways, by amplifying voltage and high frequency RF sent to the hyperdrive simultaneously, as Morin has demonstrated in a number of his videos (I'll embed one below), the amps required by the system drop to almost nothing, and the RPM and torque are elevated drastically. I recall from one of his videos he was able to get 70lbs of torque from a tiny 3-inch drum 'motor' hyperdrive, while running just a fraction of an amp. The energy produced by this highly efficient system can then be fed back into it to further propel motion perpetually.

Advantages of the Hyperdrive

  • Very quiet
  • Safe; you can touch the wires while it's running
  • The Hyperdrive itself is very inexpensive
  • Extremely powerful
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Zero pollution
  • Free energy forever

The Hyperdrive is Open Source

With over 41,000 subscribers on YouTube, Morin's inbox has been constantly flooded with email messages with questions as well as his fair share of haters accusing him of being a fraud. Morin is such a straight shooter that he said that he's going to release this technology and let the world run with it.

A number of colleges in Japan, as well as schools in India, Pakistan and a number of countries in Europe are now teaching Morin's concepts to their students, according to Morin, which can't help but make one feel hopeful for the future.

Another exciting development is that Morin has also given the rights to China, Israel, and a number of other countries to do what they want with this technology. Essentially, they can develop it in whatever scale or quantity they want and sell it to whoever for whatever price. The critical understanding of how it works is now making its way across the world like a wildfire of freedom that cannot be stopped. The development of the hyperdrive is only the beginning. This technology can and will be applied to power anything that requires movement.

Where Can I get a Hyperdrive?

The latest update on Morin's work is that he is in China working directly with engineers to manufacture a controller that will allow the fine tuning of the hyperdrive.  The control is the final component that will generate the high efficiencies that all free energy enthusiasts are interested in.  Morin expressed his intent to sell the 6 inch drum motors as they are powerful enough to generate almost anything. Also in the works are larger motors for homes and industrial uses.

When the controller and hyperdrive become available I will update this section, so check back in the future. If you have any questions to ask Gerard, you can find him at the following links. (Last update September 2019).

January 2021 UPDATE:  Haven't heard anything from Morin on the controller.

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