Mistletoe Alternative Cancer Treatment: Your Complete Guide

Mistletoe Alternative Cancer Treatment

Most people use mistletoe to get a kiss from someone who they adore, but a growing body of research is finding that mistletoe extract is a powerful medicine with the ability to boost the immune system and cure cancer.

In Germany, mistletoe extract is one of the most commonly used therapies in oncology.  According to the National Cancer Institute, “Mistletoe extracts have been evaluated in numerous clinical studies and improvements in survival, quality of life, and/or stimulation of the immune system have been frequently reported.”

This article features evidence revealing that mistletoe extract is not only a potent medicine, but also an excellent choice as an alternative cancer treatment.  The following information will give you the confidence to pursue this treatment if you or someone you know happens to be diagnosed with cancer.  The two forms of evidence that will be presented are scientific studies, as well as testimony from people who have used this form of therapy successfully.

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Cancer sites included breast, lung, stomach, colon, rectum, head and neck, kidney, bladder, melanoma, glioma, and genital. Among these studies, statistically significant positive outcomes were reported for survival, tumor remission, overall quality of life, and quality of life in relation to side effects during cytoreductive therapy (Kienle et al, 2003).”


10 Studies on Mistletoe Extract and Cancer

Mistletoe has been studied quite extensively, rendering almost 200 published research papers and scientific studies on a PubMed search for “Mistletoe extract cancer“.  There are multiple species of mistletoe and they each have varying positive effects against cancer and disease.  The Fraxini species, for example, has been used to successfully treat colon cancer and various other cancers.

The following is a summary of 10 studies and the effects of various species of mistletoe on cancer:

  1. Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) – “Viscum Fraxini-2 is active in HCC with anti-tumor activity and low toxicity profile.”
  2. Laryngeal Cancer – “Following treatment with mistletoe extract injections after palliative radiotherapy, he recovered fully and was eventually discharged from care.”
  3. Pancreatic Cancer – “Viscum album therapy showed a significant and clinically relevant prolongation of overall survival.”
  4. Glioblastomas – “both pretreatment of tumor cells and intratumoral therapy of subcutaneously growing glioblastoma cells with ISCADOR Q showed delayed tumor growth.”
  5. Leukemia – “Abnobaviscum F treatment strongly reduced survival and induced apoptosis of K562 (human myeloid leukemia), RPMI-8226 (human plasmacytoma) and L1210 (murine lymphocytic leukemia) cells in culture.”
  6. Melanoma – “A novel triterpene extract from mistletoe induces rapid apoptosis in murine B16.F10 melanoma cells.”
  7. Rat Cancer – “This result suggested that the methanolic extract of V. album downregulates expression of Hsp27 and 14-3-3 chaperone proteins and induces apoptosis, which warrants further exploration as a potential bioactive compound for cancer therapy.”
  8. Tumors in Horses (CDES) – “VAE (Iscador P) represents a safe and effective treatment for CDES.”
  9. Cancer General – “…Viscum cruciatum Sieb showed high anti-cancer and anti-microbial potentials.”
  10. Quality of Life – “… mistletoe treatment significantly improves the quality of life in comparison to best supportive care alone.”

In a review of 49 published studies on the mistletoe extract Viscum Album (VA-E) concluded “one can not ignore the fact that studies with positive effects of VA-E on survival of cancer patients are accumulating.”

2 Real Life Examples of Cancer Cured with Mistletoe

1. Suzanne Sommers

imageAfter being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, actress Suzanne Sommers had surgery to try and remove her tumor, and doctors also tried to burn her cancer away with radiation.   Neither treatment was successful.

Her doctor then recommended chemotherapy, but she rejected this barbaric approach, and chose instead a mistletoe extract called Iscador, imported from Europe by her physician.
The treatment cured her cancer, and she is still alive and cancer free to this day.

2. Joan van Holsteijn

NorthScot Press Agency, Aberdeen, Scotland

When a large and painful lump on her leg was diagnosed as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Britain, doctors recommended that Joan receive chemotherapy.  “I was very scared. I was scared of the cancer, and scared of chemo because you can become so ill from it”, Joan confessed in an interview with the UK Daily Mail

“It [chemotherapy] runs down your immune system to the point where you don’t feel well. Even if you get better from the cancer you still have to deal with the treatments,” she added.

Joan refused chemotherapy, and opted for the mistletoe extract as her first and only treatment.  As a 2009 Christmas gift, Joan was blessed with mistletoe extract injections, the exact same treatment that Suzanne Sommers had done for her breast cancer.  The treatment eliminated her tumors and cured her of cancer.

“I owe my life to misteltoe”, Joan joyfully reported. “I feel so grateful and well and healthy. I’ve got my life back, all thanks to the plant.”

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