Will Work for Sugar: Mycorrhizae Dramatically Increases Plant Growth and Yields


041096082-01_ldMycorrhizae are a soil fungi which symbiotically colonize plant roots, increasing their root system several hundred to several thousand times.  By extending their fungal root systems deeper into the soil, they dramatically enhance a plant’s ability to absorb water and other nutrients.

In exchange for sugar from plant leaves, mycorrhizae transport nutrients and water to the plant, which would otherwise be unavailable.  This results in superior plant growth and yields.  According to a history channel documentary titled The Future of Fertilizer, “Independent research shows up to a 20% increase in corn, wheat, vegetable, and fruit yields, when farmers combine the fungus with fertilizers.” 

Mycorrhizae excrete enzymes which unlock nutrients in soil, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, amino acids, and other trace elements, making them more readily absorbed by the plant.  A study, comparing orchids grown in soil containing mycorrhizae to orchids grown in soil not containing mycorrhizae, found that when orchids were grown in mycorrhizal-innoculated soil, “the fresh weights of orchid plants were increased significantly”.


Left: Microscopic view of a non-mycorrhizal root
Right: Microscopic view of a mycorrhizal root.

By adding mycorrhizae spores along with your seeds during planting, you can expect the following results:

  • Greater crop yields
  • Higher levels of vitamins, minerals
  • Reduce watering needs
  • Increased plant immunity to stress, including drought, disease and pests
  • Improved soil texture and quality

Mycorrhizae for Environmental Restoration

Aside from food production, mycorrhizae has the potential to turn areas of baron desert into productive crop lands.  With 98% of the Nebraska prairies now gone from the devastation of modern agriculture, treatment with mycorrhizae gives us hope for the environmental restoration of these areas, as well as other areas in need of repair.

Healthy plants require healthy soil, and when the aim of farming is to produce the highest quality food possible, innoculating soil with mycorrhizae is an essential component of that food system.  Below are 3 types of mycorrhizae which you can use to supercharge plant health.

Plant Success - Mycorrhizae

Plant Success Mycorrhizae

  • 1 Pound of granular Mycorrhizae



Xtreme Gardening - Mycorrhizae

Xtreme Gardening Mycorrhizae

  • 2.2 Pounds of granular Mycorrhizae
  • Has been used to produce world record-breaking pumpkins every year since 2006.





Great White Mycorrhizae - EndAllDisease

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

  • 8 ounces
  • Contains mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, trichoderma, and plant vitamins
  • The most advanced mycorrhizal product on the market today
  • Can be used in hydroponics as well as soil



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