Studies Show How Television Viewing is Literally Killing You and Your Family

TV Harmful

“Life is short, but with television it’s even shorter,
and in more ways than one.”
– Dr. Aric Sigman

Everybody knows television is not healthy, but after reading what scientists have discovered about how bad television viewing REALLY is, you will be shocked and outraged at the information that has been hidden from us for decades.

Hidden from you by the television companies themselves, exists hundreds of scientific studies that show TV’s devastating effects on your health, intelligence, happiness, and even your life span.  Extracted from the books Remotely Controlled and The Plug-in Drug, here are some of the effects of television viewing, every one of them backed by multiple documented scientific studies:

Findings from Scientific Studies about TV’s Health Effects:

  • Is a Major Cause of Depression
  • Decreases Academic Achievement
  • Lowers Libido in Men and Women
  • Is a Leading cause of half of all Violence-related crime
  • Stunts the Development of Children’s Brains
  • Damages the Brains of both Children and Adults
  • Inhibits Speech Development
  • Decreases Reading Comprehension
  • Increases the Likelihood of children developing ADHD
  • Decreases Creativity & Imagination
  • Decreases Ability to Succeed
  • Causes Vision Problems
  • Makes you Less Likely to Exercise
  • Causes Emotional Problems including PTSD
  • One of many causes of Autism
  • Makes you Eat More
  • Makes you Crave Sugary Foods
  • Causes Obesity
  • Increases Children’s Changes of Becoming Alcoholics Later in Life
  • Makes Men Feel Less in Love with Their Partners
  • Makes Women Feel Less Deserving of Being Loved
  • Makes Families Spend Less Time Together
  • Increases Divorce Rate
  • Increases Negative Moods
  • Increases ‘Copycat’ Suicides
  • Lowers Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Increases Desire for Cosmetic Surgical Procedures
  • Decreases your Lifespan
  • Reduces Athletic Performance
  • Causes Alzheimers Disease
  • Stresses the Body
  • Causes Sleep Deprivation

Television “Safe” Exposure Guidelines:

Since the amount of Television you watch is directly proportional to how happy you are in life, the less you watch the better.  However, at we realize that eliminating the Television completely from your life may or may not be realistic, and since the governments of the world are not responsible enough to create safe-exposure guidelines for watching television, we’re going to give you the guidelines brought forth from Harvard Researchers and others based on the existing science.  Here is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for watching television:

  • Children under three should see no screen entertainment.
  • After this age, television viewing of good quality programmes should be limited to an hour a day.
  • Teenagers should be limited to one-and-a-half hours a day.
  • And for adults, two hours a day.

“Getting rid of your television should not be considered extreme.  You are immediately doubling the amount of free time you have and, after a short period of time, you are very unlikely to miss it.”
– Dr. Aric Sigman