Study: Wireless Radio Frequencies Prevent Sleep and Disturb Brainwave Patterns

emf disturbs sleep

Replace all cordless phones in your home with corded ones, switch off your router, and put your cell phone in airplane mode before bed to improve sleep, and avoid the serious, cumulative effects of radio frequency radiation exposure. With frequent reports of people struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night, researchers studied…

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105,000 Smart Meters Removed After Multiple Fires Were Caused by The Device

Smart meter fire

In Canada, nearly a dozen house fires have been started by newly installed smart meters, causing a massive recall of over 105,000 devices.  The meters are Sensus Generation 3.3 smart meters, which were installed by SaskPower, the local government utility monopoly. According to the Ontario Fire Marshal, smart meters have been linked to 23 cases…

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Cordless Phones 100x More of a Health Risk than a Mobile Phone

cordless phone dangers

Having a cordless phone in your house can be 100 times more of a health risk than using a mobile, report a group of Swedish Scientists. The popular phones constantly blast out high levels of radiation – even when they are not in use. Landlines are widely thought a safer option than mobiles. But researchers…

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Sheryl Crow Attributes Brain Tumor to Cell Phone Use

sheryl crow

Sheryl Crow says that her benign brain tumor may have been caused by cell phone use. Doctors found the tumor earlier this year after the singer, aged 50, began having difficulty remembering lyrics. Crow reassured fans that the tumor is benign, but the latter remember her battle with breast cancer in 2006. What has puzzled…

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