Why Salt is GOOD for you and Essential for Life

salt is good for you

Eating a low salt diet is widely believed to be a healthy choice.  Is this true?  It’s time to question this belief. No matter how much mineral content animals derive from their diets, they still instinctively seek out natural salt licks in order to make their diets complete… or they die. Sodium chloride is by…

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Top 10 Cannabis Studies the Government Wished it Had Never Funded


It turns out, it’s not just people who do stupid things that they end up regretting – governments do them too!  One such regret is the public funding of scientific research showing that cannabis is both safe and effective for a myriad of diseases.   We’ve come a long way since the days of Reefer Madness…

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‘Smart’ Utility Meters Causing Sleep Trouble, Headaches, Heart Problems

smart meters

Smart meters—utility meters that use radio frequencies (RF) to report data to utility offices for billing and other purposes—may be harmful to your health. Just ask Joe Esposito, on whose home the Public Service Company of Oklahoma slapped a smart meter despite his explicit wishes it not be installed. Shortly after installation, Esposito began to…

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Studies show Television Decreases IQ, Creativity, and Damages the Brain

Brain tv decreases IQ

“TV uses even less of your brain than is used to add single digit numbers.” – Dr. Aric Sigman Hidden from us by large corporations, exists overwhelming evidence of television’s ability to powerfully decrease and even damage brain function.  Don’t expect to see any of this information broadcast on your television screen, the last thing…

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