Study: Toxic Metals and Carcinogens Found in Popular Lipsticks

Lipstick toxic

lipstick - EndAllDiseaseIn chemical testing of 32 commonly used lipsticks and lip glosses, a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives and conduced at the University of Berkeley in California, researchers found high concentrations of cancer-causing metals.

Carcinogenic chemicals found in the lipsticks & lip glosses include:

  • Cadmium (known carcinogen)
  • Chromium (known carcinogen)
  • Titanium (recently classified as a carcinogen)
  • Aluminum (likely carcinogenic)
  • Lead (likely carcinogenic)
  • Nickel (likely carcinogenic)

Another ingredient found in the lipsticks and lip glosses tested was Manganese.  Like lead, in excessive amounts Manganese can cause neurological problems.  And after analyzing how much lipstick people ingest during use, researchers found that applying these products regularly would lead to excessive levels in the body.  Is smearing cancer-causing chemicals on your lips in the name of beauty okay with you?  We need change!

Waiting on the World to Change?

About her study’s findings, lead researcher Sa Lui said “I believe that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) should pay attention to this.”

Rather than giving our power away by waiting for our government to do something about this problem, we need to realize that we have the power to change the world ourselves.  When we stop buying toxic lipsticks, the companies producing them will cease to exist.  The world is our responsibility, and the products that corporations sell are a reflection of us and what we purchase.

Lipsticks without Poison Ingredients

I’ve explored the web on a quest to find the purest lipsticks available for us to use.  If you know any others, post them in the comments below and I will consider adding them to the list.