Turkey Tail Mushroom Alternative Cancer Treatment: Your Complete Guide

Turkey Tail Mushrooms Alternative Cancer Treatment2

The Turkey Tail mushroom (Coriolus versicolor) is a super-abundant colorful mushroom that grows on dead trees, logs, branches, and has been used for centuries in China and Japan to cure cancer.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms - EndAllDisease21Turkey Tail mushrooms can be found growing on wood almost everywhere on the planet.
The medicinal ingredients in Turkey Tail mushrooms are polysaccharide-K (PSK), also known as krestin, and polysaccharide-P (PSP).  Together, PSK and PSP fight cancer and immobilize tumors by inhibiting cancer cell growth and strengthening the body’s own “Natural Killer Cells”.  The powerful boost to the body’s immune system empowers it to heal itself.

Cancer Studies on Turkey Tail Mushrooms

  • A $2.25 Million dollar study, approved by the National Institutes of Health, explored the impact Turkey Tail mushrooms have on the immune systems of breast cancer patients.   Using mushrooms provided by Stamets’ company, Fungi Perfecti, LLC, researchers confirmed that the mushrooms powerfully stimulate the immune system, with no toxicity or side effects“T. Versicolor dose-dependently enhances natural killer cell activity in women with breast cancer in the post chemo-radiotherapy setting.”

  • In this study, mice bred to develop prostate cancer were split into two groups.  One group was treated with PSP, an active component extracted from Turkey Tail mushrooms, and the other group was not.  “Whereas 100% of the mice that fed with water only developed prostate tumors at the end of experiment, no tumors could be found in any of the mice fed with PSP, suggesting that PSP treatment can completely inhibit prostate tumor formation.”

Turkey Tail Mushrooms Saved Paul Stamet’s Mother

In June of 2009, Stamets received shocking news from his mother: her right breast was 5 times the size of her left, due to swelling and 6 walnut-sized lymph nodes.  By the time of her cancer diagnosis, Stamets’ mother already had stage IV breast cancer, which had already spread to her liver.

The oncologist at the Swedish Breast Cancer Clinic at the University of Washington said that Stamets’ mother had the second worst case of breast cancer she’d seen in 20 years of practice.  After predicting that Stamets’ mother had only 3 to 6 months to live, the oncologist told both mother and son about an intriguing new study using Turkey Tail mushrooms to cure cancer.

Stamets’ mother tried the mushrooms (along with the drug Ariceptin). 7 months later, Paul declared, “As of February 2010, she was virtually cancer-free”.  The doctors said it was the quickest and most complete recovery they had ever witnessed.

It is said that typical dosage is 2-3 grams, 3 times per day with food.  The dosage that was used by mycologist Paul Stamet’s mother to cure her cancer was 8 capsules a day.  Turkey Tail mushrooms can be kept for years without losing any of their medicinal potency.  Store them away from heat and light to extend their shelf live even further.  Consuming Turkey Tail mushrooms can benefit anybody, even those in good health. 

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