The Water Vortex Power Plant for Clean and Sustainable Energy

A graphics illustration of a water vortex power plant, with the turbine colored yellow

The water vortex power plant is a type of micro hydro (energy generated from moving water) turbine energy production system which converts energy from a liquid vortex into electricity.  The vortex, which powers the turbine, occurs above the central drain of the water vortex power plant.

Greek-Australian Lawyer and Inventor Paul Kouris first patented the power plant in 1996, (1) after successfully discovering a way to harness the energy in a vortex.

Following Kouris’ patent, an Austrian inventor by the name of Franz Zotlöterer accidentally created a similar turbine while attempting to discover a way to aerate water without the use of external power. (2)

The theoretical energy conversion of the water vortex turbine is up to 85%. (4).  A test run of a water vortex power plant has reported 73% efficiency, with an operating cost of just 1USD per watt of electricity after one year with the installation cost factored in. (2)

The big myth that the energy cartels want you to believe is that we need large-scale, centralized power stations to produce energy for us.  Producing energy on a small-scale, close to where it is needed, for our homes and businesses, is our ticket to freedom from energy monopolies and their costly and environmentally-detrimental energy generation methods.

The water vortex power plant is a small, inexpensive, easy to maintain hydro electric energy production system that will produce abundant energy for 50 to 100 years.  Depending on the amount of available water, it can produce between 10 and 15 kilowatts of energy – That’s enough energy for 20-25 households.

How Does it Work?

water vortex power plant endalldisease free energy

These robust power plants are small, with simple, easy maintenance and built to last from 50 to 100 years.

Different in function than traditional hydroelectric facilities, a water vortex power plant has a rotation tank equipped with a central outlet above which a stable vortex forms. 

  1. Water passes through a straight inlet and is sent into the inner edge of a round bowl to gain momentum
  2. The water forms a vortex atop the center drain of the basin
  3. A turbine is spun by the water vortex at around 20 rotations per minute and the rotational energy is converted into electricity by a generator (3)

Benefits of The Water Vortex Power Plant

There are many advantages to producing energy using a Water Vortex Power Plant including:

  • Powerful
    Depending on the amount of water, it can produce between 10 and 15 kilowatts of energy. That’s enough energy for 20-25 Swiss households.
  • Reliable technology
    Lasts from 50 to 100 years
  • Easy to maintain
    Infrequent and simple maintenance
  • Compact
    With correct planting, the basin itself can be hidden, rendering the entire facility virtually invisible.
  • Inexpensive
    Costs little to install and little to maintain
  • Beneficial to the environment
    The vortex oxygenates the water and will restore the body of water on which they are built
  • Safe for Fish
    They pose no threat to the fish population (5)

Switzerland Debut of the Water Vortex Power Plant

Leave it to the Swiss to lead the way by being one of the early adopters of the water vortex power plant.  In Schöftland, Switzerland, Bertrand Piccard has taken power generation to a new level by implementing water vortex power plant technology.

Bertrand Piccard has already made a name for himself as the man who flew the first non-stop round-the-world balloon flight.  He’s also the man who invented the Solar Impulse — an airplane that runs only on solar energy.

“The project that is integrated here is a turbine in a little river producing electricity on a cheap basis and in a very clean way.” said Mr. Piccard,  President of Solar Impulse.

How to Build a Water Vortex Power Plant

There are many ways to build a water vortex power plant, but the easiest is to get help from people who have experiencing designing, constructing and installing these systems.   Although we have no affiliation with the company, BARNARD Hydro Solutions Inc. is the official Canadian and United States representative for the Kouris Centri-Turbine (KCT).

For technical assistance with your upcoming project, contact them through their website here.


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